[E-voting] Labour Youth Pass eVoting Motion

Keith Martin keith at keith.gs
Sun Nov 6 21:32:07 GMT 2005

Labour Youth unanimously passed a motion on Electronic Voting at their
National Conference this weekend.

Pretty similar to Labour's own policy, but see below for the record anyway.

Labour Youth Conference notes:
.the Government purchase of a NEDAP/Powervote electronic voting system;
.the worrying issues that arose with the 2002 General Election in relation
to the use of Electronic Voting, and which only came to light following
repeated Freedom of Information requests, such as non-matching counts of
voters versus ballots recorded;
.the establishment of the Commission on Electronic Voting (CEV) to examine
the issue in 2004;
.the damning report of the CEV on the issue;

Conference welcomes:
.the ongoing campaign by Irish Citizens for Trustworthy eVoting (ICTE) & Joe
McCarthy to ensure that any electronic voting system introduced maintains
the highest standards of integrity, secrecy and security;

Conference condemns:
.the vast sums of money spent to date, and still being spent, on machines
which all expert opinion clearly stated before their purchase would not meet
the required standards;
.the ongoing intransigence of the Government and its refusal to acknowledge
its failure in this matter;

Conference believes:
.that the current situation should give all political parties cause to take
measure of where they stand on this issue;
.that any Electronic Voting system without a Voter Verified Audit Trail is
unacceptable as it does not provide a secure and verifiable means for
counting the votes cast;

Conference affirms:
.that Labour Youth is opposed to Electronic Voting in the form proposed by
the Government, and tested in the 2002 General Election;

Conference mandates the NYE to:
.campaign for the abandonment of the proposed Electronic Voting system and
the sale or scrapping for the maximum return of the machines purchased by
Minister Cullen; 
.campaign for the disestablishment of the Commission on Electronic Voting
and its replacement with an independent Electoral Commission that would have
complete control over all aspects of the electoral system and report
directly to the Oireachtas.
Dublin South East

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