[E-voting] Wisconsin report in Slashdot

Timothy Murphy tim at birdsnest.maths.tcd.ie
Sat Nov 12 12:42:06 GMT 2005

Slashdot reported today that Wisconsin is requiring VVAT:
Madison Wisconsin's Capitol Times reports 'With only four dissenting votes, 
the state Assembly easily passed a bill that would require that electronic 
voting machines create a paper record. The goal of the legislation is to make 
sure that Wisconsin's soon-to-be-purchased touch screen machines create a 
paper ballot that can be audited to verify election results.' 
"Wisconsin cannot go down the path of states like Florida and Ohio in having 
elections that the public simply doesn't trust ... By requiring a paper 
record on every electronic voting machine, we will ensure that not only does 
your vote matter in Wisconsin, but it also counts."

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