[E-voting] E-voting experts call for revised security guidelines

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It's surprising Avi also seems to like Internet voting.  A renaissance man.


 From Johns Hopkins University School Paper:

*/Agarwal attributed the success of the (Freshman Class) election to 
aggressive advertising on campus, as well as to the implementation of a 
simpler system of online voting that allows students to access the 
voting Web site by entering their JHED IDs and passwords. /*

*/Under the guidance of Hopkins professor and electronic-voting expert 
Avi Rubin, Agarwal contracted a software development and consulting 
company called SmartLogic Solutions to design the new voting system, 
accessible online at /**/http://vote.jhu.edu./**/ /*

*/The company was newly formed this summer by two Hopkins graduate 
students, Yair Flicker and John Trupiano. Flicker, who graduated with 
the Class of 2005, said that his own experiences with previous voting 
systems designed by the BoE guided SmartLogic's choice of design. /*

*/"I personally have voted in some of BoE's previous voting systems 
where I had to enter long numbers from my J-Card," Flicker said. "When 
we designed the website, we wanted it to be as simple as possible for 
students to use." /*

*/Flicker also said that the new voting system would avoid the pitfalls 
of requiring students to enter information like birthdays, which lead to 
the cancellation of last year's executive board and Young Trustees 
elections due to possible fraud.  /*

*/Several freshman voters praised the new system's simplicity. "The 
online system was very easy," said Rahul Agarwal, who added that the 
class-wide e-mail directing freshman to the voting site was the most 
effective form of advertisement./*

Aengus Lawlor wrote:

>A federally funded group of voting system experts called on the United
>States' Election Assistance Commission, which oversees the nation's
>state-run elections, to revamp its recommended process for evaluating the
>security of electronic voting devices.
>In comments published last week, the ten researchers that collectively make
>up A Center for Correct, Usable, Reliable, Auditable and Transparent
>Elections (ACCURATE) stated that current voting systems are not designed
>with security in mind and current testing procedures mistakenly focus on
>voting functionality, not system security. The center, funded by the
>National Science Foundation in August, released the comments on the last day
>of a public comment period held by the US Election Assistance Commission on
>its Voluntary Voting System Guidelines.
>Read the rest of the article here:
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