[E-voting] E-voting experts call for revised security guidelines

Michael McMahon michael at hexmedia.com
Thu Oct 6 19:21:47 IST 2005

Marian Beddill wrote:

> Again, with all due respect, Michael's discussion clearly expanded 
> beyond "student bodies" etc., to major elections. 
No, I really wasn't :)

> Michael cited: "...Internet voting on a large scale would be similar 
> to postal voting (on a large scale). The main issue, ..." 
I meant similar with respect to this issue of ballot screcy. When I said 
on a large scale, I meant that
postal voting can actually be secret, in some circumstances, like in 
this country where voters
have to fill out the ballot in a police station. But this does not work 
for large scale postal voting
(unless the police are willing to turn their premises into polling 
stations). It's a minor point
but I am sorry it caused confusion.

> That in itself is false.  With postal voting, there IS a paper record, 
> thus for the concerns over auditing, postal voting has a VVPB while 
> internet voting does not.
Again I was only talking about secrecy, but I don't agree that VVPB is 
an absolute necessity in any case.

> And Michael alluded to fullscale use with: "...Internet voting has to 
> solve the authentication problem. .....Avi Rubin has thought about and 
> solved that issue....".  Mr. Rubin is a public figure in discussions 
> about major voting systems. 
Any voting system, whether a show-of-hands at a knitting club, or a 
secret ballot public election
has to solve the authentication problem. If you don't know who your 
voters are then the
result is meaningless.

I'm not sure what the deal is with Avi Rubin. Is he pushing his system 
for public elections?
I would not agree with that.


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