[E-voting] Your Voice on eGovernment 2010

David GLAUDE dglaude at poureva.be
Fri Oct 7 16:01:02 IST 2005

I am currently checking the online consultation about eGov2010.

If you find something about eVoting ... say NO Thanks... no human
recount without paper trace of the vote.

Here it is:



eGovernment in Europe has advanced significantly in recent years, as
indicated in, for example, the Commission’s yearly survey of online
availability of public services. Indeed, it is now often stated that
eGovernment is entering a new phase, moving beyond providing services
online and shifting towards impact and benefits, progressing from
modernisation to innovation, and towards a stronger contribution to jobs
and economic and social growth – the revised Lisbon Agenda. Public
administrations are increasingly recognised as having a critical role as
an active stakeholder in helping deliver this growth. eGovernment is at
the heart on these activities. To support this change new policy for
eGovernment is being developed.

Representatives of Member State eGovernment initiatives are preparing a
Ministerial Declaration on eGovernment to be adopted at the Third
Ministerial Conference, “Transforming Public Services”, 24-25 November 2005.

As part of the i2010 initiative, launched by the European Commission, an
Action Plan for eGovernment will be proposed in 2006.

This consultation document invites your opinions on future eGovernment
policy for the preparation of this Action Plan.


eGovernment in this document refers to public administrative services
(‘eAdministration’) as well as democratic decision-making
(‘eDemocracy’). The definition of eGovernment used is as in the 2003
eGovernment Communication:

“eGovernment is the use of information and communication technologies in
public administrations combined with organisational change and new
skills in order to improve public services and democratic processes and
strengthen support to public policies.”

eDemocracy includes here ICT for voting (eVoting), participation to
democratic decision-development (eParticipation), and the processes of
formal democratic decision-making (eRule-making).

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