[E-voting] Postal and signature fraud

Craig Burton caburt at alphalink.com.au
Wed Oct 12 12:15:13 IST 2005

UK electoral reform references NI individual registration but also 
authentication changes for postal and in person voting.


"...Criticism came yesterday from the Tories. Oliver Heald, the shadow 
constitutional affairs secretary, said: "Ministers have not gone far 
enough to safeguard our democracy. They have refused to introduce the 
tried and tested system of individual registration, as used successfully 
to cut fraud in Northern Ireland; and they have not ruled out the future 
use of flawed all-postal voting. Conservatives will be tabling our own 
amendments to the election administration bill."

They will use security-marked postal ballots (to prevent forgery) but 
they will allow for written signature checking.  I'm not confident 
written signature checking is good enough,or whether signatures are very 
forgery proof.  I hope their signature database does not record the 
actual scanned signature as a human-viewable images, but instead 
recorded as some reduced mathematical measurement of the signature that 
itself cannot be stolen and used to sign.

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