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Date: 	Mon, 24 Oct 2005 09:56:09 +1000
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The mobile code isn't a likely target for a hack. Estonia would/should 
have had the mobile code audited and compiled by the auditor, signed as 
well.  Only one voter needs to spot this signature not being intact and 
the game's up.  Probably 1% of the voters might do this, that's 
plenty.   Other parts of the system need to be audited and signed as 
well.  These are any parts that can make or modify votes.  These parts 
need to be able to run in isolation so that they can be executed in a 
controlled environment.   Of course, the voter's PC and browser is not a 
properly controlled environment but the voters' PC's are hard to find 
and infiltrate en masse without breaking something or tripping up any 
number of honeypots.
The weak bit is still the voter's PC, no doubt, but the greater risk is 
an attack to disable it for voting altogether.

Michael McMahon wrote:

> I don't see how voters can verify with this system that their vote
> was recorded correctly. It seems to me that the downloaded 
> applet/ActiveX thingy could
> switch anyone's vote, and noone (not even the auditors) would be any 
> the wiser.
> It's the old problem again. You can make it either provably secret,
> or provably accurate, but it's very hard to do both.
> Michael.
> David O'Callaghan wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Some information from an Estonian colleague.
>> David
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>> Hi,
>> Some of you were interested in Estonian e-voting. Here are some links.
>> On the page of the Estonian National Electoral Committee there is a
>> description of the e-voting system: 
>> http://www.vvk.ee/elektr/docs/Yldkirjeldus-eng.pdf
>> This document gives pretty good overview about technical and legal 
>> issues
>> around e-voting.
>> The Slashdot runs now a story about e-voting:
>> Estonian Internet Voting Called a Success
>> http://politics.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=05/10/18/226222&tid=95&tid=219 
>> (Lots of discussion about Estonia vs. Elbonia in the comments :-)
>> There are also some screenshots about voting process made by Linnar 
>> Viik,
>> all in estonian:
>> http://linnar.viik.ee/index.php?op=ViewArticle&articleId=123&blogId=1
>> Best wishes!
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