[Fwd: Re: [E-voting] About Estonian e-voting]

Craig Burton caburt at alphalink.com.au
Tue Oct 25 05:39:42 IST 2005

>Unlike a hand counted poll, there is no information in the end result of
>a computer count about the likelihood of error. So there is nothing to
>go on as to whether a particular poll should then be hand-counted.
I see no reason why a DRE system can't let a voter set a receipt with a 
password they make up.  It works for Internet voting.  Part of the 
receipt is encrypted with the vote.  After close of polls when votes are 
decrypted, the partial receipts are provided as evidence that the votes 
were decrypted.  The voter uses a service to mate the partial receipts 
with the password they made up.  If they see their receipt, then the 
votes were decrypted as intended.  If enough people do this and there 
are any reported mis-matches you would count the paper record.

>In other words, they would all have to be hand-counted.

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