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Craig Burton caburt at alphalink.com.au
Wed Oct 26 09:26:21 IST 2005

Thank you Noirin,
My Google search was an example of the fact that the poster had offered 
up something that was perhaps expressed in an obscure manner.   If 
providing your (useful) query was that easy he might have done that 
I have read this list since it was suggested I might join it by Margaret 
McGaley in 2003.  I have enjoyed its content and the quality of 
argument.  The list was advertised as a public list for trustworthy 
e-voting in Ireland.  It seemed at the time like a good place to propose 
what I do in the UK for comment or criticism.
Craig Burton.

Noirin Plunkett wrote:

>it appears you have yet to learn how to use google.
>Perhaps you should try
>I can assure you that people here will be much more ready to respond
>to you when you show that you've done a *little* bit of work - and
>aren't simply trolling.
>The archives for this list are available at
>Both the website at http://evoting.cs.may.ie/ and the links Colm
>suggested from the CEV's website (the independent commission tasked by
>the government with investigating e-voting) are well worth reading.
>If you are willing to put in the effort, you will find many capable
>and helpful people here, who will answer your questions. If you barge
>in, and refuse to do such basic research, then demand that people you
>don't even know go and look things up for you, you'll find a
>positively chilly reception.
>I do hope you find the information I've cited helpful, and thank you
>for taking the time to read it thoroughly.
>On 10/26/05, Craig Burton <caburt at alphalink.com.au> wrote:
>> Colm MacCarthaigh wrote:
>> On Tue, Oct 25, 2005 at 08:18:29PM +1000, Craig Burton wrote:
>> If it were trivially easy it would be trivially easy for you to find
>>examples. It isn't.
>> When you display sufficient clue to understand, and more importantly
>>provide good feedback and review on, any specifics; I might consider
>>providing you with examples.
>>If you'd like to refute that input/output layers can be subterfuged,
>>just as with all software, we're all eyes.
>> Well  I simply pasted "input/output layers can be subterfuged" (no quotes)
>>into Google and I got this:
>> If you are describing this catastrophic problem in the right geek-speak, I
>>would have expected a few thousand hits at least.
>> Thank you for all your consideration and ready provision of facts and
>>figures, given you have apparently built a good case against the use of
>>software for voting -- or you wouldn't be on the list.  I'm not going to be
>>the last person to try and find out what all these cases are.  At least I'm
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