[E-voting] democracy commission supports e-voting at all Irish election

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Wed Oct 26 12:54:06 IST 2005

I am shocked by this news.

Particularly because I made a very lengthy personal submission to the 
Democracy Commission, and also attended the final workshop on the (then) 
draft document.

In the small group to which I was assigned I don't recall hearing any 
support for e-voting.  I think I was the only one who mentioned it at 
all in our group, and it was to stress the potential risk to democracy.  
I don't recall this being the subject of debate at the time.

I've no idea who/how this recommendation came to be made, but I would 
like to know.  I don't think the Democracy Commission would have the 
competencies to evaluate the technical issues which are what makes 
electronic voting such a potential peril for democracy.  Perhaps this 
was a draft position from over a year ago when not as much was known?  I 
do not understand this, and I feel angry that a supposedly participative 
process could have produced such an outcome. 

Maybe there were hundreds of submissions in favour of electronic 
voting?  I would find this very surprising if this were the case.

Especially in light of the recent GAO Report in the USA which fully 
acknowledges the wide range of potential attacks on electronic voting 
systems.  See http://www.bradblog.com/archives/00001940.htm

See also the following recent comments from a US election official, 
saying e-voting is essentially faith-based ("trust me, I'm honest") at 

What should we do about this?

I sent a letter to the today show (Pat Kenny) about the GAO 
report--little did I know about the bombshell the Irish Democracy 
Commission had in store for us.


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