[E-voting] democracy commission supports e-voting at all Irish election

Michael McMahon michael at hexmedia.com
Wed Oct 26 13:46:45 IST 2005

Catherine Ansbro wrote:

> I just rang tasc (01 6169050) and spoke to Grainne Murphy (I may not 
> have the last name correct).  I told her of my disbelief and concern 
> that such a recommendation could be made.  I said implementing such a 
> recommendation could in one step wipe out ALL democracy in Ireland.  I 
> said I sincerely hoped this decision was made based on naive ignorance 
> of the technical issues, but it made me question what agenda was 
> motivating tasc and democratic dialogue.
> Grainne said  the decisions were made by the Commissioners.  She said 
> she'd pass on my concerns to the Coordinator of the Democracy 
> Commission, Clauda Harris, and ask her to contact me.
> I told Grainne that it was likely that this recommendation could undo 
> (and override) all the excellent work the Commission had done, and 
> could lead to the discussion on the Report's findings being hijacked 
> by this controversy.

Are they talking about:

1) e-voting in a general fuzzy sense
2) e-voting with a paper trail
3) e-voting with the govt.s present system unmodified

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