[E-voting] democracy commission supports e-voting at all Irish election

Ryan Meade ryan at meade.net
Wed Oct 26 13:58:24 IST 2005

> Are they talking about:
> 1) e-voting in a general fuzzy sense
> 2) e-voting with a paper trail
> 3) e-voting with the govt.s present system unmodified

Here's the recommendation from the executive summary:

> Introducing electronic voting for all elections in Ireland and
> Northern Ireland. The Commission believes that despite the bad
> experience Ireland had with the first attempts at E-Voting it is a system
> well worth introducing for the benefits it will bring. The new evoting
> system should consider innovations that permit people to
> vote not only at polling stations but in supermarkets, post offices,
> public libraries or on their personal computers or mobile phones.
> All sites would have to be accessible for disabled people. It is
> imperative that such a system is introduced in a way that promotes
> confidence in the integrity of the system. In Ireland, it is also essential
> that the system staggers the counts, which are part of Irish
> political culture and play a role in generating interest in politics and
> elections, and preserves the information provided by them.

VVAT is endorsed in the following puzzling statement from the body of the report:

> The Commission believes that
> future e-voting initiatives need to have a voter verified audit trail
> (VVAT) to secure the trust of the electorate and they should also
> look to innovations that make voting more convenient by
> allowing, for example, voters to cast their ballots in public
> libraries, post offices, supermarkets etc.

They also talk about casting votes from PCs and mobile phones elsewhere in the report.

Clue not detected.


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