[E-voting] ideas? and my conversation with Clodagh Harris

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Wed Oct 26 15:35:21 IST 2005

Maybe something along the lines of:

While ICTE supports the principle of maximising voter participation, the 
technical reality at the moment is that electronic voting is not 
sufficiently secure.  Ironically, while it might seem to make voting 
more accessible, it would do so at risk to the most fundamental core of 
Irish democracy.

We accept that the report's recommendations were well-meaning, but 
suggest that they were made without awareness of the numerous technical 
considerations.  The Democracy Commission does not appear to have 
consulted widely on this particular issue, and does not have the 
internal technical expertise on the technical implications of electronic 

* * *

Clodagh Harris just rang me back, fair play to her.

She stressed that they were OPPOSED to the currently proposed e-voting 
system, and would only support something with significant safeguards.  I 
mentioned this doesn't come across clearly from reading the report 
itself (and the executive summary doesn't mention VVAT or the need for 
significant changes to the current system--an open invitation to be 
quoted widely out of context).  I also mentioned the disturbing framing 
issue (voter confidence v.s. election integrity).  She will welcome any 
emails about this, which she will distribute to the Commissioners.  (I 
suggested they might want to consider offering a clarification.)  I said 
it was regrettable they didn't run the wording by individuals with 
technical expertise relating to this particular issue.

I think if we could feed them some possible wording for clarifications 
etc. they might be willing to use them in press interviews etc.

She seemed genuinely concerned that I felt the report's dealing of this 
issue could be damaging.  At least she is aware there is a potential 
problem here.

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