[E-voting] ideas? and my conversation with Clodagh Harris

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Wed Oct 26 16:23:56 IST 2005

If anyone wants to send them comments, Clodagh will distribute them to 
the Commissioners.  This could at least possibly help them deal with any 
future media interviews, and could possibly lead to them issuing a 
clarification.  But they'd need some guidance--they clearly don't 
understand how severe the technical problems are.  At least it could 
help ensure they focus on their requirement for stringent safeguards 
before considering any form of e-voting, and that the current proposed 
system is unacceptable.


Ryan Meade wrote:

>>I've now read the report, they endorse the need for VVAT. The only thing
>>I can take issue with really is their bizarre statements about
>>internet/kiosk/phone voting.
>I think it's particularly bizarre that they endorsed VVAT in the same sentence as calling for voting in supermarkets.

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