[E-voting] Bob Fleischer position paper for Massachusetts General Court

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Fri Sep 2 18:26:24 IST 2005

There is an outstanding paper here and very relevant to our Irish 
situation.  It's  readable and understandable by a non-technical 
person.  I wonder if we could link to the full paper and include it as a 
resource on our website?

It raises interesting issues in relation to VVAT.


 From BBV post  http://www.bbvforums.org/forums/icons/tree_m.gif  on 2 
Sept. 2005:
I would appreciate the help of this community in reviewing a position 
paper that I, with the assistance of 5 local colleagues, have developed 
over six months to deliver to key legislators and the Joint Committee on 
Election Laws of the Massachusetts General Court.

The basic argument of this paper is that computers are extremely 
helpful, even necessary, to solving many problems; but computers are not 
essential to elections, and the risks are just too great (The other 
members of our ad hoc committee have companion presentations which focus 
on other aspects of required voting reforms.)

Our overall prescription is the "3 P's" -- "paper, pens, and people".

I would appreciate your time in reviewing and commenting on the paper, 
which can be found at 
<http://home.tiac.net/%7Erjf/Computers-and-Elections.html> (I'd be glad 
to send you a Word version if you ask.)

Bob Fleischer
Groton, MA

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