[E-voting] UK shelves plans for e-voting trials

Craig Burton caburt at alphalink.com.au
Thu Sep 8 05:35:52 IST 2005

Ouch.  Fortunately postal voting will save the day.

It's cheaper* than REV, it's safer** than REV and people love it***.
* But the cost goes up with scale.  I can't believe it would be cheaper 
for 20M voters.
** Four convictions so far for postal pilot fraud, REV zero.  
Per-household registrations : all the fun of family voting.  And do you 
get a receipt?
*** 95% REV users wanted it to be ongoing.  We'll see about postal - I 
predict the uptake will fall

Good luck Estonia!

Shane Hogan wrote:

>>From http://www.enn.ie/frontpage/news-9636510.html 
>The UK government has dropped its plans to run trials of e-voting technology
>in advance of next year's local elections. The Office of the Deputy Prime
>Minister issued a statement cancelling a procurement that called for IT
>suppliers to provide it with technology to run pilots between 2006 and 2010.
>"This notice has been cancelled as the government has decided not to invite
>applications to conduct electronic electoral modernisation pilots in 2006.
>All organisations that submitted an expression of interest in the tender
>have been notified of the cancellation," the ODPM said. Trials had been due
>to take place next year that would include internet, phone, SMS and digital
>TV voting, along with pilots of electronic polling stations and vote
>counting systems. E-voting pilots last took place in the UK in 2003; plans
>for further trials in 2004 were abandoned on the advice of the Electoral
>Commission. The government has not yet given a reason for the cancellation
>of this year's e-voting plans. 
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