[E-voting] Compulsory voting

Ita Ryan ita_ryan at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 8 17:38:25 IST 2005

I can't understand why people see increased election
turnout as an end in itself.  Why clog up the system
with dross votes?  An increased turnout caused by
increased interest in the election is valuable. 
Increased turnout caused by allowing uninterested
citizens to participate without moving from their
sofas is not.

This is how, in my opinion, voter turnout should be
- Make it as easy as possible to register
- Have lots of polling stations, easy to access
- Have buses to pick up old and/or geographically
isolated voters
- Make it as easy as possible to check your vote
hasn't been mysteriously deleted
- Make it as easy as possible to move your vote when
you move house
- Keep the polls open for up to 48 hours, including
one weekday and one weekend day.
- Publicise all the above continuously, so every
citizen knows how to register/vote and where.

We could allow voters to register and to check or move
their registrations via the web.  They could view maps
of polling station locations.  They could complain
online if voting has been made unnecessarily awkward
for them.

That's where technology could have real value in
electoral systems.  

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