[E-voting] Compulsory voting

Ita Ryan ita_ryan at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 8 18:16:50 IST 2005

I agree that many people don't vote because they don't
feel they can make a difference.  But at every
election some of my coworkers don't vote because:

- their vote's down the country and they've never
moved it
- they're on the way to work before the polling
station opens, and the polling station is closed by
the time they get home.

You wouldn't get everyone to the polls by fixing these
two, but you'd get more people than vote now.  
And it would be cheap.

--- Rory McCann <ebelular at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 9/8/05, Ita Ryan <ita_ryan at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > This is how, in my opinion, voter turnout should
> be
> > encouraged:
> Though that information should be available like
> that, I don't think
> that's the main reason people don't vote. In my
> humble opinion, the
> main reason is because people don't think they can
> make a difference
> by voting. An issue which cannot be changed by a
> flashy new technology
> with lots of photo ops for ministers.

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