[E-voting] and more voter education

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Thu Sep 8 18:37:23 IST 2005

More voter education is also needed.

FF is on record as being concerned about the number of spoiled votes 
(which they lose) because of voters putting 3 #1s for 3 FF candidates.  
This is supposedly one of the reasons for their eagerness to introduce 
some form of E-voting.  I'd support them in doing something to address 
this problem.  I don't want FF voters to be denied their vote because 
they didn't understand the rules.   I disagree about the way of solving 
the problem, however.

Having participated in counts on a couple of occasions, I think there 
should be a small one-page leaflet with instructions for voters that 
they can read before they vote.  It could show examples that will 
invalidate their ballot:   having more than one #1 vote; having any 
writing anywhere on the vote; skipping a number in how they rank 
candidates.  When I was involved in checking ballots that were unclear, 
we were given a written list of rules.  Why don't ALL voters get to know 
the rules before they mark their ballot?

Also, I think if we had an option for "None of the Above" those who 
don't like the options presented can make their feelings known more 
effectively than spoiling their vote (and having it be assumed it was a 
"mistake")..  That might get more people to participate.


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