[E-voting] Compulsory voting

Ita Ryan ita_ryan at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 8 18:46:51 IST 2005

> Re: your first point, register everyone
> automatically when they're 18 
> (and send them a note to confirm they're
> registered).

Does the government currently know when everyone turns

> When you talk about checking to see that your vote
> hasn't been  mysteriously deleted, do you mean your
> voter registration status?

Yes, anecdotally this seems to happen a lot. People
turn up at the polling station and their registration
has vanished.    

> On the other hand in the USA it's becoming clear
> that the next BIG place 
> for fraud is the area of computerized voter
> registration, 

I take your point.  
We have other problems too in Ireland - many people
are registered in several different places.  For
example,  because of our terrible polling times people
may keep a vote in Dublin and another in the country. 
Assuming they only use one, this gives a false idea of
turnout and also opens the door to fraud by
impersonation.  (If they use both, the situation's not
much better.)

It might not be possible or desirable (too
big-brother-ish?) but why not link voter registration
to RSI numbers?  You would automatically have a vote
at whatever address the tax office (bless it!) has for
you.  You could also register manually if you didn't
have an RSI number.  (Who doesn't? Millionaires?)

I know this is a bit off-topic for an evoting list.  I
don't believe in any form of evoting any more though
so am thinking about ways to improve what we have now.

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