[E-voting] Any statisticians subscribed? Looking for a tipping point.

Ciaran Quinn election at polarbears.com
Thu Sep 8 19:56:18 IST 2005

Catherine Ansbro wrote:


> In our current system the major point of vulnerability is during 
> transport of the ballots.  It requires trust of the Gardai, which may 
> or may not be warranted.  

Isn't the ballot box sealed when polling closes and isn't it possible to 
check that the seal on the ballot box hasn't been broken just before the 
ballot box is opened at the count centre?

During the Good Friday referendum in Northern Ireland in 1998 the DUP 
made a serious attempt to monitor the referendum process independently 
of the government. They claimed that they were afraid that the British 
govt. would rig the result in favour of the Yes vote. As a result there 
was no question over the result - I am sure that there would have been 
endless allegations of fraud had something like Nedap/Powervote been 
used. This referendum was a perfect example of why independent 
monitoring of the voting system is needed and, despite it happening in 
Ireland at the time e-voting was being planned here, it was obviously 
ignored by the Dept. of the Environment.

In NI parties can put their own seal on the ballot box - I'm not sure if 
that is allowed here, but presumably observers can still ensure that the 
box is sealed properly.


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