[E-voting] Compulsory voting

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Thu Sep 8 20:31:18 IST 2005

Paper ballots could handle the Robson rotation.  Has anyone ever 
suggested this be done here in Ireland?  It would be fairer.  I don't 
believe it would increase printing costs very much.

It would make the ballot counting process harder, though, and possibly 
more prone to errors.


> One of the effects of compulsory voting on preferential systems is 
> that people who are voting to avoid being fined will very often vote 
> 1, 2, 3, etc. from the top of the ballot, greatly increasing the 
> electibility of those whose surnames are at the start of the alphabet. 
> There is a well known example of this from Australia, when the 
> Australian Labor party won an election by nominating only candidates 
> whose surnames began with A.
> In Australian stv elections, where voting is compulsory, the ballot 
> papers are randomised using "Robson rotation". If there are 10 
> candidates then candidate X would be in position 1 on 10% of the 
> ballot papers, in position 2 on 10%, etc.
> While obviously it would be possible for an electronic voting system 
> to handle Robson rotation, it is not something that Nedap Powervote 
> can handle.
> Ciaran
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