[E-voting] Any statisticians subscribed? Looking for a tipping point.

David GLAUDE dglaude at poureva.be
Fri Sep 9 00:32:54 IST 2005

If there is any statistician arround then Belgian voting data might be
of interest.

Indeed we have 44% of the population that do vote electronicaly and the
rest vote on paper.

This mean we can compare electoral result on similar population that use
different voting methode.

Any discrepency that can not be explain by other factor mean that the
voting media does influance the vote of the citizen. For me it mean that
eVoting should not be used because it is less "natural" than paper voting.

In Belgium the turnout is different on paper and on electronic... but
electronic is also more in use in big city where the turnout is always
smaller (more citizen with less political education).

I have all the electoral result that have been made available on CDROM.
I can share the ISO with any interested helper.


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