[E-voting] Compulsory voting

Craig Burton caburt at alphalink.com.au
Fri Sep 9 07:44:03 IST 2005

Compulsory voting doesn't actually mean you have to vote.  It means you 
have to be marked off as having attended.   You can also submit a blank 
or informal ballot.   About 5% of people in Australia do one of these.
However, ask any electoral person or psephologist (don't ask any 
politician) and they will tell you voting needs to be compulsory and 
that there are good reasons.  It's not just turnout, its about the 
democratic process.

All that follows IMHO is sorely overdue.  Some sort of e-voting or 
e-tracking system would be needed to detect vote "deletion" or loss of a 
paper vote.  I'm not sure how much of the vote casting process has to be 
automate to provide ths and I'm not sure what the implications are for 

>This is how, in my opinion, voter turnout should be
>- Make it as easy as possible to register
>- Have lots of polling stations, easy to access
>- Have buses to pick up old and/or geographically
>isolated voters
>- Make it as easy as possible to check your vote
>hasn't been mysteriously deleted- 
>Make it as easy as possible to move your vote when you move house
>- Keep the polls open for up to 48 hours, including
>one weekday and one weekend day.
>- Publicise all the above continuously, so every
>citizen knows how to register/vote and where.
>We could allow voters to register and to check or move
>their registrations via the web.  They could view maps
>of polling station locations.  They could complain
>online if voting has been made unnecessarily awkward
>for them.

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