[E-voting] Being Registered in More Than One Place

Ryan Meade ryan at meade.net
Fri Sep 9 12:24:18 IST 2005

Seriously?  What if you've made all reasonable efforts to remove yourself from the register and the local authority still have you down at more than one address?  Surely you can't be held responsible if the the local authority have taken your name from the phone book and issued you with a polling card you're not entitled to?

Seems a bit harsh to put the onus on the citizen.


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Subject: [E-voting] Being Registered in More Than One Place
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> Just to confirm - I have checked with the Department of the Environment 
> recently
> about the legality of multiple registrations, and it's illegal.  You can be 
> sent
> to prison for being registered in more than one place.
> Please note those who are registered at your parents' home and wherever you're
> living now!
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