[E-voting] The right to vote. Was: UK shelves plans for e-voting trials

Brian O'Byrne bobyrne at statesoft.ie
Fri Sep 9 12:33:24 IST 2005

On Friday 09 September 2005 07:45, Craig Burton wrote:
> Brian,
> My point is that some form of remote voting must be provided :
> whether it improves turnout or not is irrelevant.  Eligible voters
> have a legal right to vote and it can't be prohibitively difficult.


One more assertion I'll make on this, since you mention the right to 

The right to vote does not end when the voter casts their vote. The 
right to vote includes the right to have the vote counted accurately 
and fairly.
Thus introducing a channel that is prone to error or fraud is in fact 
infringing on the right to vote, not facilitating it. 
Worse, it is infringing on everyone's right to vote, not just the 
people that use the new channel, since the election as a whole is 
made less accurate.

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