[E-voting] Compulsory voting

Craig Burton caburt at alphalink.com.au
Sat Sep 10 23:22:14 IST 2005

David GLAUDE wrote:

>I think the argument of fighting random bug (cosmic ray alike) is much
>stronger than fighting fraud in the black box.
Well I'm sure there are random human errors introduced in counting 
votes, especially PR ones.  I think if your method of attack on e-voting 
machines only concerns their reliability as general computers you are 
taking on rather a lot of computers.

>Once the letter is ended you can put a post-scriptum saying that it is a
>fake but it can be true.
I work as an electoral returning officer in private or union elections.  
I have received phone calls asking me how much I charge to throw the 
election.  It is usually one of the political parties.  From the way the 
conversation ends, it is evident that they are testing whether I can be 
bought and then whether they can publicise that e-voting is rubbish.  
Perhaps it is entrapment, but it is a common kind of test.  And yes, 
someone could threaten my family and I would roll over.  But the e-vote 
system resists even me turning bad.  Would I publicise a system with a 
non-tamper resistant architecture when I have a young family?  It's 
cheaper to coerce someone than to bribe them.

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