[E-voting] intriguing possibilities using digial scanners

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Sun Sep 11 00:14:13 IST 2005

Have a look at www.blackboxvoting.org - new items re: optical scanning.

Finnish computer expert Harri Hursti has apparently developed some new 
methodology using existing optical scanners which produce a digital 
image.  (This doesn't relate to older scanners or ones that use infrared 
technology.)  Apparently he's developed open source software.  In the 
USA a scanned image of a ballot is considered to be a public record so 
at least in theory people should be able to get a copy of all the ballot 
images, and count them for themselves, with or without software.

Could this be of interest here?  Snag--I don't think we have any similar 
rules here relating to /images/ of ballots as public records. 


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