[E-voting] Compulsory voting

Ciaran Quinn election at polarbears.com
Sun Sep 11 01:50:39 IST 2005

Fergal Daly wrote:

> On 9/10/05, *Craig Burton* <caburt at alphalink.com.au 
> <mailto:caburt at alphalink.com.au>> wrote:
>     David GLAUDE wrote:
>     >I think the argument of fighting random bug (cosmic ray alike) is
>     much
>     >stronger than fighting fraud in the black box.
>     >
>     >
>     Well I'm sure there are random human errors introduced in counting
>     votes, especially PR ones.  I think if your method of attack on
>     e-voting
>     machines only concerns their reliability as general computers you are
>     taking on rather a lot of computers.
> 2 things:
> 1 Errors in counting paper votes are almost always on the order of 
> single votes and even when multiple errors occur they are very 
> unlikely to accumulate in one particular direction. The "distance" 
> between humand counted votes and actually cast votes is at most equal 
> to the number of errors but is likely to be smaller.

There was an error discovered in one of the Fermanagh-South Tyrone 
elections in the 80's in which 1000 Nationalist votes had been counted 
for the Unionist candidate


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