[E-voting] Compulsory voting

Craig Burton caburt at alphalink.com.au
Sun Sep 11 12:23:05 IST 2005

The caller was more candid than I might have implied, they did not open 
the discussion identifying themselves.  It was a guess on my part.  Yes, 
it is stupid.  I think the use of REV might have precipitated it.  
Perhaps not.
Still, I think coercion is a greater risk for EV.  Bev Harris made a 
point of finding and contacting Diebold staff to make the point that 
they were easy to find.  I think she found 16 technical people, from memory?
I'm surprised to read a citizen got a two year sentence for postal vote 
personation.  Perhaps it was not a first offence, or perhaps the 
sentence was suspended.  I wonder what the people in Birmingham got for 
their part in postal fraud during the pilots recently.

Timothy Murphy wrote:

>On Sat 10 Sep 2005 23:22, Craig Burton wrote:
>>I work as an electoral returning officer in private or union elections.
>>I have received phone calls asking me how much I charge to throw the
>>election.  It is usually one of the political parties. 
>This strikes me as an incredibly stupid - 
>almost unbelievably stupid - thing to do.
>You might perfectly well be recording the conversation.
>(I think this if often done automatically with VoIP systems.)
>Fraud in elections is quite a serious offence.
>I knew a case in the UK where a doctor got a 2-year sentence
>for sending in a postal vote in his daughter's name.
>(The daughter reported him.)
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