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Marian Beddill beddill at nas.com
Mon Sep 12 03:17:47 IST 2005

At 9/8/2005  01:11 PM, you wrote:

>Ita Ryan wrote:
>>This is how, in my opinion, voter turnout should be
>>- Make it as easy as possible to register
>Eg. Co. Meath has an online registration page at 
>>- Have lots of polling stations, easy to access
>I've said this before, but IMHO voters should in the future, be able to 
>vote from any polling station
>in the country so long as they can prove their identity. It's not 
>practical though with
>paper ballot based systems, (unlike electronic receipt based systems).

I know that it is practical.  We do it in my state.  A vote cast at a 
polling station not that of your residence, is defined as a "provisional 
vote".  They are distinguished by some indicator - like a different color 
of ballot or envelope, though dropped into the same (single) sealed ballot 
box for transport to the central.

When there, they are sent to a review panel composed of senior employees, 
an elected official, a lawyer, or folks of that caliber.  That review group 
compares the info with the ballot - of voter ID and the master voter 
registry.  Then they judge whether the ballot shall be allowed in the 
proper precinct (jurisdiction) or declared invalid.

Marian Beddill

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