[E-voting] Compulsory voting

Craig Burton caburt at alphalink.com.au
Mon Sep 12 04:27:39 IST 2005

> When there, they are sent to a review panel composed of senior 
> employees, an elected official, a lawyer, or folks of that caliber.  
> That review group compares the info with the ballot - of voter ID and 
> the master voter registry.  Then they judge whether the ballot shall 
> be allowed in the proper precinct (jurisdiction) or declared invalid. 

I know this is getting off-topic for Ireland but can I ask how the voter 
ID is checked if there are no central registers (or do you mean the 
register of the external county the voter is from) and how a generic 
ballot is provided which will suffice for any number of external county 
races?  Is the ballot just basically write-ins (or is there guidance 
such as a national ledger of candidates for races)?  Does the voter sign 
to waive secrecy?

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