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Marian Beddill beddill at nas.com
Mon Sep 12 05:12:13 IST 2005

At 9/11/2005  08:27 PM, Craig Burton wrote:

>>When there, they are sent to a review panel composed of senior employees, 
>>an elected official, a lawyer, or folks of that caliber.
>>That review group compares the info with the ballot - of voter ID and the 
>>master voter registry.  Then they judge whether the ballot shall be 
>>allowed in the proper precinct (jurisdiction) or declared invalid.
>I know this is getting off-topic for Ireland but can I ask how the voter 
>ID is checked if there are no central registers (or do you mean the 
>register of the external county the voter is from) and how a generic 
>ballot is provided which will suffice for any number of external county 
>races?  Is the ballot just basically write-ins (or is there guidance such 
>as a national ledger of candidates for races)?  Does the voter sign to 
>waive secrecy?

In the US, voters must register, doing so by their own initiative, and they 
sign the registration form.  That signature is a principal element of ID - 
and essentially the only one when they are away from home turf.  At polling 
places, they may show an ID card and sign the log-book - that signature 
might only be checked if there were an indication of wrong-doing.

Yes, the ballot, within the signed enclosure envelope, would be sent to the 
distant jurisdiction, where it would be processed.  But your concern is 
valid, and the only votes which would be cast and counted are those that 
are common to the two locales - usually state and federal election 
campaigns.  Such a ballot would not have means to vote on the distant 
"local" contests.

Our state is just starting to implement a state-wide registry database, so 
that every jurisdiction would know whether the voter is indeed registered 
elsewhere (also minimizes double-registrations.)  I would hazard a guess 
that a national registry might be in the works, but it will take many years 
to be accepted and implemented.

Marian Beddill
Washington State
"If you cannot trust the way your votes are counted, nothing much else in 
politics matters."
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