[E-voting] Compulsory voting

Michael McMahon michael at hexmedia.com
Mon Sep 12 09:43:14 IST 2005

Marian Beddill wrote On 09/12/05 03:17,:

>> I've said this before, but IMHO voters should in the future, be able
>> to vote from any polling station
>> in the country so long as they can prove their identity. It's not
>> practical though with
>> paper ballot based systems, (unlike electronic receipt based systems).
> I know that it is practical.  We do it in my state.  A vote cast at a
> polling station not that of your residence, is defined as a "provisional
> vote".  They are distinguished by some indicator - like a different
> color of ballot or envelope, though dropped into the same (single)
> sealed ballot box for transport to the central.
> When there, they are sent to a review panel composed of senior
> employees, an elected official, a lawyer, or folks of that caliber. 
> That review group compares the info with the ballot - of voter ID and
> the master voter registry.  Then they judge whether the ballot shall be
> allowed in the proper precinct (jurisdiction) or declared invalid. 

That's interesting. I had heard of the term provisional ballots, but never
knew what it meant.

Presumably though it is only possible within an area where the same
ballot paper is being used. What I was thinking about was in the Irish
context where there are around forty different constituencies and therefore
forty different ballot papers. I think that situation is more practical
with receipt based electronic systems (just like the similar point about having
ballot papers in multiple languages). First, you don't have to predict
the numbers of different ballot papers to distribute around the country
and second it is easier to transport votes electronically than to physically
send them around the country. But I certainly accept that voting from
any polling station should be practical within the same constituency here.


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