[E-voting] "Provisional Ballots" {subj. was: Compulsory voting}

Aengus Lawlor aengusl at eircom.net
Mon Sep 12 23:34:16 IST 2005

On Monday, September 12, 2005 5:50 PM [EDT],
Timothy Murphy <tim at birdsnest.maths.tcd.ie> wrote:

> On Mon 12 Sep 2005 21:22, Aengus Lawlor wrote:
>> The register is updated
>> regularly (I was removed from it while living abroad, without action
>> on my part, and re-registered when I returned, simply by telling the
>> person who knocked on the door doing register updates that I now
>> lived at that address again), and can be checked very easily by
>> anyone who is bothered.
> I don't recall anyone calling on me to ask about registry updates.
> As I recall, a form is posted to you.
> My impression is that if you don't return the form
> the register is left as it is, as far as you are concerned.

As the register is the responsibility of the returning officer, different
constituencies may have different procedures (returing officers seem to have
a lot of discretion in how they manage matters locally). In Dublin South
(and therefore I would presume in the other Dublin constituencies) someone
knocked on the door in the '90s. The procedure may be different now, but I
don't recall ever seeing anything in the post, except for the voting cards
that arrived a few weeks before the polls.


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