[E-voting] "Provisional Ballots" {subj. was: Compulsory voting}

Michael McMahon michael at hexmedia.com
Tue Sep 13 11:10:03 IST 2005

Aengus Lawlor wrote:

> And we still don't need them. People who work in Dublin, but keep themselves
> on the register in Galway or Cork or Wexford either don't care, or don't
> think it makes any difference (or believe that they'll have more pull with a
> TD from "home" than a TD in Dublin). The register is updated regularly (I
> was removed from it while living abroad, without action on my part, and
> re-registered when I returned, simply by telling the person who knocked on
> the door doing register updates that I now lived at that address again), and
> can be checked very easily by anyone who is bothered. Indeed, in areas where
> a particular party expects to do well, you can be sure that they've checked
> that anyone that they think might give them a vote is actually on the
> register.

I agree that people should register where they normally live (though there
are exceptions like students).

The question of "need" versus "nice to have" may be subjective to an extent.
But what's the problem with facilitating people who travel around the country on a day
to day basis, or even people who work and live in different places.

> As things stand, the supposed advantages of provisional ballots in the Irish
> context don't come near justifying the additional personation risks that
> would inevitably arise.

My original point was that receipt based electronic systems, would make this
relatively easy to do. It is also possible with paper based systems, but
more work is involved.


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