[E-voting] public transportation fares reduced on voting day

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Tue Sep 13 17:04:46 IST 2005

Up to a few years ago in Italy we had reduced fares for public 
transportation for people going to / returning from voting. 

Every election we were sent home an Electoral Certficate stating in which 
polling station we are allowed to vote (usually the place where we have our 
official residence). 

The week before the election any citizen showing this Certificate was 
allowed to have a special discount on travel fares (a good percentage, but I 
don't recall exactly). The Certificate was stamped by the ticket office so 
that we could have the discount only once. 

In the way back to have the same discount we had to show again the 
Certificate to the ticket office. They verified that we had really voted (at 
the polling station the Certificate was stamped by the election workers) 

Unfortunately nowadays the State does'nt do this any more! 

We still have the legal right to be absent from work if we are choosen as 
polling stations workers. Infact local administrations randomly choose 
polling workers among all voting citizen, and such work is compulsory and it 
is paid by the State (120 euro for each simple worker and about 200 for each 
President). We usually vote on Sunday and the Monday after. 

People interested in our electoral PAPER preocedure (which I think are still 
one of the best worlwide) can have a look at 


Emanuele Lombardi 


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