[E-voting] Do you know a Quebecker ?

Pierre Muller pmmaillists at free.fr
Wed Sep 14 13:30:46 IST 2005

Our organization is at the origin of a TV report on Radio-Canada (Estrie
regional TV). It is about Diebold optical Accuvote (used in a 100 000
voters city : Sherbrooke, Quebec) and BlackBoxVoting/Hursti report.

We would like to "bounce" on this (little) event.
There are elections at the beginning of November. New DRE from a
Canadian vendor (http://www.pgelections.com/) in Montreal. Now is the
right time to act.
There isn't any sign of activism in Quebec. Does anyone know a Quebecker
that would be interested ? Anywhere in Quebec, Sherbrooke is just a
starting point. Could he put him in contact with us ?

The TV report (everything is in French):
“Le vote électronique, une méthode risquée ?”
Téléjournal Estrie du Vendredi 9 septembre
at position 17:15. The camera stays 2 seconds on the "Are we having fun
yet" :-)

BTW, the TV report put us in contact with a university teacher, who
would like to have two students working on e-voting. Does it remember
something to you :-)

Pierre Muller
webmestre de http://www.recul-democratique.org

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