[E-voting] Irish Times: "Electronic voting unlikely to be used in next election"

Adrian Colley aecolley at spamcop.net
Tue Sep 27 09:00:10 IST 2005

The Irish Times today has dedicated the top half of page 3 to e-voting,
and also mentions it on the front page (below all the Northern Ireland
news, naturally).


The gist of it is that the Minister has let it be known that the
Nedap/Powervote system won't be used in the next general election.
Nevertheless, the Government position ("we're still testing the system
because we want to reassure people about the integrity and security of
the system") is unchanged.

The most interesting comment (by the article's author, Carl O'Brien) is:
"Following these tests, the Commission on Electronic Voting will analyse
whatever changes are recommended."  I didn't know the CEV will be able
to recommend changes to the system.


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