[E-voting] Disinformation again

Pierre Muller pmmaillists at free.fr
Tue Apr 11 10:36:43 IST 2006

It became very obvious that the conference (organized for mayors
association) didn't want too many critics, when I proposed them to
invite a professor from Princeton University (who testified to NJ Senate
: http://www.cs.princeton.edu/~appel/papers/NJSenate.pdf).

Nevertheless, we did our best (we = an activist from PourEva, the
representative from French academics in computer science, both in the
public [!], and I). We think that we made people doubtful. The public
was mainly civil servants from election departments of municipalities.
We distributed an 8 page document about DREs (in French:

In the conference, when I told "CEV had advised against the use of Nedap
machines", Nedap importer accused us of disinformation.
Of course, I should have been more accurate : I should have used the
terms from the CEV report ("unable to recommend").

They also pretended that :
1) The CEV only concluded that it hadn't enough time to make a decision
before the 2004 elections. Therefore, it recommended to suspend the use
of the machines.
2) several assessments have been done since this time.
3) at this time, there isn't any recommendation stating that their
machines "don't work, or have malfunctions"

Could you help me to answer ?
1) The CEV conclusion clearly states that it had enough time : "It is
for this reason that, although its work is incomplete, the Commission is
in a position to make its recommendation *within the timeframe of this
report*." (CEV overall conclusion)
- I assume that the appendixes of first report (2A..2M) were completed
when the CEV made its recommendation. Am I correct ?
- On the "procurement" page of the CEV website
(http://www.cev.ie/htm/tenders/index.htm), there are 3 Requests for
Tenders, dated from Nov 2004 and Feb 2005. What is their current situation ?
- What about the request for tenders of June 2005 "additional security
and risk assessment of all aspects of the electronic voting and counting
system", which was supposed to be completed "by the end of the summer
[2005]" ? (http://lists.stdlib.net/pipermail/e-voting/2005-June/005028.html)
3) Unfortunately, their statement was true: "its conclusion is not based
on any finding that the system will not work," (CEV overall conclusion).
Moreover, it was already true when the CEV released its report.

Pierre Muller, webmaster of http://www.recul-democratique.org
French citizens critical of e-voting.

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