[E-voting] Disinformation again

Pierre Muller pmmaillists at free.fr
Sun Apr 16 20:05:19 IST 2006

Thanks for your answers, all useful.

David GLAUDE a écrit :
> Adrian Colley wrote:
>>  - The argument about citizens losing control of elections didn't go
>> down well with our electoral administrators (who view the public's involvement as something to
>> be minimised).
I really don't know about France. I will check this in the future.

>>  - The warning about miniature cameras (footnote 38) is a good one --
>> how come it hasn't
>>    been part of our arguments in Ireland?
> There is also the problem of "cell phone with camera" or any device that
> an elector could be presured to bring or use in order to take a
> snapshoot of his vote... sadly the undo capability of eVoting might be
> interesting.
With a movie instead of a snapshot, undo capability is not effective.

Michael Scott (Dublin City University) recommends:
"Consider moving the Cast Vote button to the outside of the polling
booth in full view. The user places their preferences on the machine,
exits, drawing a curtain over the booth, and then presses “Cast Vote” in
public view. This would more closely emulate the manual system."
(CEV report, app. 2B, page 143)

> There is also the issue of tempest proof eVoting system... but maybe
> this is too theoretical and to paranoiac.
Nedap importer uses this argument against its competitors. French
certification requires that machines are able to work 12 hours with
their own power supply. He thinks that the car battery of his machines
is a low-cost and more effective answer. He also considers that power
supply is a weakness of the Belgian e-voting (and that it complicates
its organization).

Pierre Muller, webmaster of http://www.recul-democratique.org
French citizens critical of e-voting.

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