[E-voting] Joe on Eamon Dunphy on NewsTalk 106 at 7:05

David GLAUDE dglaude at poureva.be
Fri Apr 28 10:57:21 IST 2006

Let's assume that Ireland will eventually scratch those voting
machine... what should they do with it?

Maybe selling them back to the vendor is not an option...
Other less democratic country might want those.
France is not an option, but what about Cuba?

Is this something that should be suggested to recover those 52 Million Euro?

Anybody willing to create a eBay annonce for those, just for getting the
press attention.


Michael McMahon wrote:
> Margaret McGaley wrote:
>> It's on the front page of the Irish Times today.
>> http://www.ireland.com/newspaper/front/2006/0428/1190312100HM1VOTING.html
>> (I'm not sure everyone will be able to access that link, or how long
>> it will be available.)
>> To quote:
>> 'The committee chairman, Michael Noonan of Fine Gael, said at the
>> report's launch that electronic voting was now "a dead duck". He said
>> a majority of TDs on the committee, including three members of Fianna
>> Fáil, believed the current system should be scrapped.'
>> Apparently the PDs passed a motion at their annual conference calling
>> for the system to be scrapped in favour of paper ballots. Was that
>> reported widely? I completely missed it.
> It wasn't widely reported maybe because they passed a similar motion at
> their conference
> last year.
> - Michael

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