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Aengus Lawlor aengusl at eircom.net
Fri Apr 28 12:56:04 IST 2006

On Friday, April 28, 2006 6:05 AM [EDT],
Brian Scanlan <singer at redbrick.dcu.ie> wrote:

> There was a report on last night's 9 o'clock news on RTE 1 - about 20
> minutes in.
> http://dynamic.rte.ie/quickaxs/9news.smil

Electronic voting machines are a 'dead duck'
David McCullagh, Political Correspondent, reports on the calls for the
planned electronic voting system to be scrapped


Roche is quoted as saying that FG published leaflets saying that they were
eay to use - even at this late stage, he can't be statesmanlike about the
issue, and has to succumb to the urge to be a gurrier.

(I'm convinced that Roche still believes that the whole problem was caused
by luddites opposing the system, and doesn't understand that the real
problem was in actual fact the true luddites were the only ones that
supported the system. Short of outright condemnation by the CEV, Roche isn't
going to get rid of these machines).


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