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On Friday, April 28, 2006 7:56 AM [EDT],
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> Electronic voting machines are a 'dead duck'
> David McCullagh, Political Correspondent, reports on the calls for the
> planned electronic voting system to be scrapped
> http://dynamic.rte.ie/av/228-2135937.smil
> Roche is quoted as saying that FG published leaflets saying that they
> were eay to use - even at this late stage, he can't be statesmanlike
> about the issue, and has to succumb to the urge to be a gurrier.
> (I'm convinced that Roche still believes that the whole problem was
> caused by luddites opposing the system, and doesn't understand that
> the real problem was in actual fact the true luddites were the only
> ones that supported the system. Short of outright condemnation by the
> CEV, Roche isn't going to get rid of these machines).

This was covered on Morning Ireland this morning as well, with FFs Sean
Fleming, a member of the PAC, disputing the suggestion that the PAC
recommended the scrapping of the system, insisting that "a million people
have used these voting machines" (!!!!!), that there were no problems in the
8 (!!) constituencies that used them in pilots, that everyone was happy with
them at the time, and that there will be terrible disappointment in those
constituencies that they'll have "to revert to the old-fashioned way" at the
next election, that there are some states in the US that are perfectly happy
to use systems just like the ones we're rejecting, and that the opposition
to the system is entirely political (unlikely FFs support for the system,
apparently), that neither Dempsey nor Cullen should be held accountable for
the fiasco (because the machines might still be used, if the CEV gives the
go ahead), and that there is no concensus about what should be done about
the system, and we should wait for the report of the CEV before making any


I should point out that, unlikely his beloved Leader, Fleming is at least
aware that different US states use different voting systems.


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