[E-voting] Joe on RTE Five Seven Live after 6:00pm news

Justin Mason jm at jmason.org
Sat Apr 29 15:58:02 IST 2006

fwiw -- 2MB transcode:


good interview, alright.


Aengus Lawlor writes:
> Nicely done, Joe. He highlights the fact that all of the known issues with
> the pilots were not revealed to the public at the time, and the fact that
> the so called cost-savings were a total fabrication, because it actually
> costs more to staff the electronic booths than it saves in counting costs.
> http://dynamic.rte.ie/av/228-2136290.smil
> They also had a clip from Michael McDowell from last week, saying that the
> issue might have to be reconsidered
> (http://dynamic.rte.ie/av/228-2136289.smil) and from Michael Noonan, saying
> that there's no point in waiting any longer, tehy're not ginng to be used,
> so we should scrap them now, rather than spending any more money storing and
> insuring them than necessary. He also suggests that it might be possible to
> sell them to some American states, though it would be a bit of a hardr sell,
> I'd imagine! http://dynamic.rte.ie/av/228-2136288.smil
> Aengus
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