[E-voting] Odd S'Indo Article

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Mon Aug 21 10:40:22 IST 2006

It's important to observe how the Indo is framing this issue.  This is 
language we should be using for ourselves--voting by electrons in a 
black box is a threat to democracy.  We cannot afford to let others 
frame the issue for us.

Democracy relies on transparent, observable vote counting.  Any slight 
hypothetical advantages of a more perfect distribution of surpluses are 
completely outweighted by the irretrievable damage to transparency and 
public involvement in the vote-counting process should a system be 
introduces which depends of electronic counting methods.

Did you see the results of the recent poll in the USA on vote counting?  
92% of all voters want transparency in vote counting.  The results were 
consistent for all political parties and all minority groupings.  A 
landslide, in other words.


> I'm not sure exactly what they mean by:
>> Without it, an element of chance remained which could have a
>> detrimental effect on the stability of our democracy.
> Are they saying that the current system is a threat to democracy 
> because there is an element
> of chance involved? That would be quite ridiculous. Unverifiable 
> e-voting is a far greater
> threat to democracy.

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