[E-voting] Odd S'Indo Article - Joe on Newstalk at 14:15 this afternoon

Joe McCarthy joe.mccarthy at arkaon.com
Mon Aug 21 11:56:25 IST 2006

Hi all,

I just now recorded a piece for Newstalk 106FM to be aired around 
14:15.  I said Liam Weeks' claim that there was a "major flaw" in the 
current system was far fetched.

I pointed out that the article did not acknowledge that the current 
system is fully accurate for the transfer of the 1st surplus and is 
statistically accurate for later transfers of a surplus arising from an 
incoming surplus.  I have not seen any statistical study showing the 
possible effects of the initial mixing being different.  (Has anyone 
seen such a study anywhere?)

I also stated that the Gregory system works fine on a manual basis for 
the Seanad and in Northern Ireland and I said his claim that such could 
only be counted by computer is wrong.

I ended by saying that the machines should be written off and we should 
stick to paper and pencil.

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