[E-voting] M.I.T. strategy for internet voting, early voting, voting my mail & voting centers

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Tue Aug 29 08:58:36 IST 2006


There is a massive amount of money being made by academic institutions 
riding the E-voting train.  Think of the ACCURATE group which is getting 
massive funding, another researcher recently quoted has a $1.8 million 
grant, and academic departments that are getting funding to study e-voting.

This doesn't mean it's bad for academics to study, but one also has to 
be aware that funding recipients are also vested interests, and in some 
cases t can make it more likely for some solutions to be studied than 
others.  (Might it be difficult to advocate a switch to paper, for 
example, if that would mean your department would lose funding to 
develop or test electronic voting solutions?)

It's the old problem of hammers being in search of nails.  Many see the 
electronic voting issue as a technical problem that requires a technical 



Timothy Murphy wrote:

>On Monday 28 August 2006 19:28, Catherine Ansbro wrote:
>>It appears what Caltech/MIT WANTS IS TO MAKE MONEY 
>I very much doubt if MIT are interested in making money from voting machines.
>Do they actually make or sell them?
>In any case, if people voted over the internet, as apparently suggested,
>the number of voting machines required would presumably go down.

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