[E-voting] Diminished public confidence in the Nedap / Powervote system - CEV said extremely difficult to overcome

Joe McCarthy joe.mccarthy at arkaon.com
Wed Aug 30 18:58:28 IST 2006

While researching material for my ongoing appeals to the Information 
Commissioner regarding evoting, I found the following item deep in the 
CEV 2nd Report on page 335:

> The Commission continues (Appendix 6B no 20): However the doubts 
> raised about the system which lead to the establishment of an 
> independent Commission, the conclusions of the Commission's interim 
> and first reports and the subsequent non-use of the system in 2004 
> have diminished public confidence in the system to a level that will 
> be extremely difficult to overcome.
This remarkable extract was part of an Appendix 6B sent to Nedap for 
comment but not subsequently published by the CEV.  Nedap insisted that 
their letter be published in full so we can see the CEV's interim 
findings as quoted in the Nedap response.

I wonder why the CEV did not publish this comment as first drafted?  
It's pretty stark.
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