[E-voting] Diminished public confidence in the Nedap / Powervote system - CEV said extremely difficult to overcome

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Thu Aug 31 18:26:14 IST 2006

Joe, this seems highly significant. Among other things it raises a
question as to whether there are any other comments that the CEV did not


Joe McCarthy wrote:

> While researching material for my ongoing appeals to the Information 
> Commissioner regarding evoting, I found the following item deep in the 
> CEV 2nd Report on page 335:
>> The Commission continues (Appendix 6B no 20): /However the doubts 
>> raised about the system which lead to the establishment of an 
>> independent Commission, the conclusions of the Commission’s interim 
>> and first reports and the subsequent non-use of the system in 2004 
>> have diminished public confidence in the system to a level that will 
>> be extremely difficult to overcome./
> This remarkable extract was part of an Appendix 6B sent to Nedap for 
> comment but not subsequently published by the CEV. Nedap insisted that 
> their letter be published in full so we can see the CEV's interim 
> findings as quoted in the Nedap response.
> I wonder why the CEV did not publish this comment as first drafted? 
> It's pretty stark.
> ---
> Joe
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